• Art Director
  • Graphic Designer

Takahiro Yasuda / 安田昂弘

Takahiro Yasuda is an art director and a graphic designer based in Tokyo, who is also a member of the creative association CEKAI.His creativity goes beyond in the areas of visual designs such as film direction, motion design, VJ, direction for digital creation, and product designs.His clients include the following: NIKE, JT (Japan Tobacco), Google, FACETASM, NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND, m-flo, and SOUTAISEIRIRON.He has been selected as an invitational artist for the Seoul International Typography Biennale “2017 Typojanchi”.He has held his solo graphic art exhibitions since 2015 as his study to seek a visual design, which has never been seen by anyone.

1985年生まれ。獅子座。名古屋市出身。多摩美術大学グラフィックデザイン学科を卒業。2010年に株式会社ドラフトに入社。2015年に同社より独立し、現在はクリエイティブアソシエーション「CEKAI」に所属。アートディレクション、グラフィックデザインだけでなくデジタル領域のデザインやディレクション、プロダクトデザイン、映像、空間ディレクションなど幅広い分野でクリエイションをしている。国内外でのグラフィック作品の展示も積極的に行い、2019年には初となる作品集「GASBOOK36 Takahiro Yasuda」を発刊。人間のフィジカル的な視点とグラフィックのあり方を考察し多角的な活動を展開している。身長は190cm。

Exhibitions (Selected):
2022 Solo Exhibition "Braing Braing" at VOILLD
2021 Solo Exhibition "Drive My Car." at VOILLD
2021 Outreach Exhibition "Do the Light" at KAIKA Tokyo
2020 Solo Exhibition "Do the Light" at VOILLD
2019 Solo Exhibition "FIVE" at VOILLD
2019 Solo Exhibition "EMERGING" at SHINJUKU ISETAN "ART UP"
2018 Solo Exhibition "Concrete" at VOILLD
2018 Group Exhibition "WILD" at CALM & PUNK GALLERY
2017 Solo Exhibition "EMERGE" at VOILLD
2017 Invited "Typojanchi international typography Biennale Seoul"
2016 Solo Exhibition "The end of watch" at VOILLD
2016 Group Show "NAZO no Exhibition" at CALM & PUNK GALLERY
2016 Group Exhibition "PIXELOUT" at pixiv Zingaro
2015 Solo Exhibition “shere_me” at VOILLD

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